Shouldn’t Buy Shopping Clothes Online?

Shouldn’t Buy Shopping Clothes Online?

You know when you’re browsing clothes online and you find the perfect item? You can’t wait to receive it in the mail. But then…it arrives and it’s not what you expected. Or maybe it was exactly what you wanted, but now that it’s sitting on your bed, something about it doesn’t look right. This is one of the most common pitfalls for people who shopping clothes online, they fall in love with an item only to be disappointed by its actual appearance once they get their hands on it.

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There are ways to avoid being disappointed by buying something sight unseen:

1. Sizing

If you’ve ever tried shopping clothes online and realized they didn’t fit when you got them, there’s a good chance that the sizing was off. There are many reasons why this happens, but one of them is that size charts can be different for different clothing styles. For instance, if your favorite brand offers a shirt in both fitted and regular styles (i.e., shirts with darts or without), then their size charts won’t necessarily be comparable. In other words: don’t assume that because you’re a medium in one style of dress shirt from this brand and an extra small in another style means that this applies to all other items from this brand!

Similarly, the same type of garment may have different sizing across colors for instance, if it has an elastic waistband with stretchy fabric on the sides (i.e., booty shorts). This can be especially problematic for women who wear dresses or skirts regularly, I personally have had trouble finding bottoms that fit perfectly because every pair seems to run differently even though they’re all supposedly “size 0”!

2. Material

· You can’t feel the material

Most people don’t know what kind of material a piece of clothing is made from until they get it home and try it on. When you shop in person, you can feel the texture of the fabric and see how it feels against your skin. If you’re buying something that needs to be dry-cleaned, make sure to avoid delicate fabrics like silk or wool so that they don’t get ruined during shipping.

· You can’t see the material

Online clothing stores often use stock photos with models wearing different outfits to show off their merchandise instead of real pictures of customers wearing their actual purchases on them (because no one wants to look at ugly clothes). This makes it difficult for shoppers who are shopping online because they won’t be able to see how something will actually look on them before they purchase it.

3. Shipping costs

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, but I don’t buy clothes online.” But you do you just may not realize it. The reason is that many stores have a selection of products in their physical store and an online version of the same product. You can come into the store to try on the item and then order it from the website later (or vice versa).

The problem with buying clothes online is that shipping costs are often high, even if you’re just purchasing something small like underwear or socks. This means you’ll be paying more money than necessary for shipping if your package doesn’t fit through your mail slot. If your package is too big for your mailbox but still fits through your door, there’s no way to get a refund on those extra shipping costs!

4. Style

The second thing that makes shopping clothes online a bad idea is the fact that you can’t touch and feel the clothes.

If you’re like me, you have a very specific idea in your head of what something will feel like before it arrives at your door. I’ve been known to leave more than one store empty-handed because I couldn’t get past my mental image of what an outfit would look like on me, no matter how much someone tried to convince me otherwise!

The same goes for style you won’t be able to see if something will work with other pieces in your closet or fit into your current wardrobe aesthetic. You may also want to try on multiple sizes before making a decision on whether or not the item is right for you (which isn’t possible on sites like Amazon).

5. Don’t buy clothes online

You may think it’s worth it, but the truth is that buying clothes online is generally a terrible idea.

  • Clothes don’t fit correctly: Have you ever had an ill-fitting shirt, one that was too short or too tight? It’s a hassle to have to return the item because it doesn’t match what you ordered.
  • You can’t tell if the quality is good: Some companies make clothing with shoddy materials that won’t last long and will fall apart after several wears. If you want something durable and well-made for your money, then shop at reputable stores instead of simply buying anything that catches your eye online.
  • It’s hard to get the right style: Different stores carry different merchandise (and no store has everything). So even if there’s something on sale at one place, chances are high that another store may have better options in terms of color, size and style when it comes down to making an actual purchase decision made by someone who knows what they’re doing (you!)


If you’re still set on shopping clothes online, we recommend that you try out a few different sites to see which one is the best fit for your needs. And remember it’s always better to buy something that doesn’t quite work than it is to miss out on a great deal because of the price tag!

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